Live Streaming.

The all-in-one live streaming experience for extreme and action sports. Connected through 4G LTE, easily broadcast to friends, family and fans with the press of a button. No uploads. No integrations. No mobile phone required.

How the Sioeye Live streaming Experience works

Sioeye Iris4G™ Smart Device

Our amazingly flexible video platform lets you live stream with the press of a button, simultaneously record HD video or simply record in 4K super HD.
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Sioeye Cloud Live Streaming
& Instant Replays

The live broadcast from your Sioeye Iris4G streams to the Sioeye Cloud where your personalized settings are applied. Followers are notified through the Sioeye App or through Twitter and Facebook. Instant replay version of your videos are automatically saved, no uploads required.
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Sioeye Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

Your followers watch your adventures in real-time through the web or Sioeye mobile apps, interact with each other about your adventure, and watch instant replays. On top the video, Sioeye LiveStats™ show your speed and altitude to give viewers a fuller experience.
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